Are you a “Pain in the Ass?” Come and Work with Us

If you are against war, if you have taken part in union struggles, if you have protested in demonstrations even if they were not authorized, if you have not become a member of the Freemasonry to get ahead in your career…

Then, send your Curriculum Vitae to Yesmoke S.p.A. Working with Yesmoke is not like being at the service of a multinational parasite that is looting your country. Rather it means being part of a company with a mission: to free Italy from the canker of Big Tobacco, namely Philip Morris, BAT and Japan Tobacco, along with their supporters.

With privatizations, and with the support of our politicians, these multinationals have closed down all of Italy’s cigarette factories wiping out a sector that used to provide thousands of jobs. But also in the market of tobacco products, “Made in Italy” can be synonymous with quality and Yesmoke knows that it can bring cigarette production back to Italy. In fact, orders which are arriving from all over the world, and which have already saturated Yesmoke’s Settimo Torinese plant, show the limitless possibilities of the “anti-Big Tobacco” brand.

The factory in Chiaravalle (30.000 sq. mt.)

The factory in Chiaravalle (30.000 sq. mt.)

Today Yesmoke has 56 employees, a number that will grow to 80 from January 1st. The arrival of new production lines will enable the company to double the number of its workers in the coming six months. But this is not enough. To satisfy the requests for export, which are growing exponentially, Yesmoke has asked for help from MIT (Manifattura Italiana Tabacco) of Chiaravalle. This company, until a year ago, was making cigarettes for British American Tobacco.

Thanks to Yesmoke cigarettes, which could be manufactured also by MIT, the 90 workers of the Chiaravalle Company could soon rise from their redundancy payments and return to full-time employment. Italy’s oldest Italian cigarette factory (founded in 1759) could continue to provide jobs for another century.

  • farouk

    How and what jobs are those.

  • farouk

    People like me have have even decided to work for stupid money like 900dhm per month simply we are tired of dictators like museveni cos i was always end up in jail simply i was always demonstrate .man am tired

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