Botero Yes, Philip Morris No

A chapter in the series “…everybody pays taxes!” It is the turn of a great artist!

After Lele Mora, Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacher, Mario Cipollini, Fabrizio Corona, Nina Moric, various footballers, TV showgirls and veterans of TV’s Isola dei Famosi… here is the latest big news, that recounts the intrepid struggle of the finance police (Guardia di Finanza) in the fight against tax evasion.

According to the attentive and vigilant investigators, the famous contemporary sculptor Fernando Botero owed seven million euro to the Italian revenue. The sculptor answered:

“I don’t owe a single lire.”

But while the newspapers headlined the VIP tax evader of the day, no one mentioned the 95 billion euro in taxes that are missing on slot machines, or the 60 billion euro that Philip Morris has “forgotten” to pay for the last seven years.

They tell you that the law is equal for all… that taxes have to be paid, but it is all a lot… a mountain of bullshit.

The Fiamme Gialle (finance police) ascertained that Botero’s entire production was made in about a dozen specialized foundries of Pietrasanta. The same companies handled the shipment of the maestro’s works all over the world, especially in Europe, the United States and Japan.

Pietrasanta for the men of the Guardia di Finanza, was “the permanent site of his commercial activity, where the maestro gave instructions, also through persons he trusted, to the foundries and to the workshops, making his activity a business of worldwide importance.”

I owe nothing to the Italian taxes,” declared Botero, “I come to Italy go give work to foundries and workshops of Pietrasanta.” Botero continued that his work is an excellent business for Italian exports, but he will be obliged to move his production to another country.

The Poor Bastards…

Fernando Botero – Columbian painter and sculptor

Fernando Botero (Medellín, 19 April 1932) is a Columbian painter and sculptor, considered today’s greatest living sculptor. The primary characteristic of Botero’s art is the unusual dilatation of his portrayals, that acquire unusual almost unreal shapes

In Parma they caught a prostitute with 357,000 euro in her bank account and they made her pay 90,000 euro. The wise guys gave the news to the ANSA, and it ended up in all the newspapers and TV newscasts of Italy. In addition, when people go to the bar they talk about it and contribute to the effect. The message is always the same, in Italy everybody pays their taxes, everybody, really everybody. But, in fact, it is only the poor bastards that pay.

I’m a fan of his, but the law is the same for everybody,” said Vincenzo Visco, at the time Minister of Finance of the Italian Government; he was referring to the reported tax evasion of Valentino Rossi.

But when he referred to reports on Philip Morris’s tax evasion, the minister’s reaction was:

“These statements are gravely incautious.”

Why didn’t Visco say:

“I smoke Marlboros, but the law is the same for everybody?”

Have a look at the Internet site: now you can report tax evaders by computer and even with your cell phone. The home page shows a map of Italy with the latest notifications: 33 euro evaded by a restaurant manager in the province of Torino, 12 euro by a street seller in the province of Rome, 30 euro evaded here… 50 euro there… 10 euro up… 100 euro down… But if one wants to report Philip Morris for its tax evasion of 60 billion euro, the site is not set up for these figures.

Note what these simpletons have written on their home page:

“We Italians are always complaining about tax evasion, and yet we often close our eyes to it. You can report evasion or attempted evasion, for example, if a shopkeeper doesn’t give you a receipt or if a professional quotes a higher price for a tax receipt. It’s easy (even with your cell phone), and it’s anonymous, also for the evader. Let’s build together a map of this social phenomenon!”


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