Italy – Who Evades the Most, Wins the Prize

If one leaves an unpaid bill that could enter the Guinness Book of Records, you would expect that someone would try to make him pay up, but instead…

After a study, conducted by the Economic and Financial Studies Center «Centro Studi Economico e Finanziario ESG89», of the balances of over 800 capital companies operating in the agricultural sector, Philip Morris, with the sum of 1,450,167,854.00 euro, was ranked “first for turnover among all the companies operating at a national level.”

A prestigious result, that is to be expected from a top-class company! But what has Philip Morris got to do with Italian agriculture?

Why did Giovanni Giorgetti, director of the Centro Studi Economico e Finanziario ESG89, feel the need to make Philip Morris, that purchases a negligible quantity of Italian tobacco (slightly more that 1.5% of its turnover), a sort of praiseworthy benefactor of Italian agriculture?

One could almost think that smoking Marlboros is a way of thanking Philip Morris for all it is doing and has done in Italy and, in a sense, one thinks he is smoking Italian tobacco.

But, in actual fact, Philip Morris is the prototype of a parasite: it does not provide jobs because it manufactures all its cigarettes abroad; it does not invest; it does not have debts with Italian banks; it makes profits that exceed 500% (taking it all abroad) and Philip Morris pays no taxes in Italy.

The prime economic sector of Philip Morris Italia is tax evasion. This can be seen just taking a look at the company’s balances. How can Philip Morris Italia ever have become the Number One company of the Italian Agricultural sector, first for turnover?

What could have pushed Giovanni Giorgetti to polish up the image of Philip Morris in Italy? Was it a distribution of benefits, or is he just another idiot?

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