Italy’s Ass-Kissers

Corrupt and servile politicians are the mainstay of Big Tobacco’s business. The need to appear and the propensity to kiss asses (not only those of cigarette manufacturers), the career, the reference models of the Italian Ass-kisser.

What is an Italian ass-kisser

An Ass-kisser is an idiot devoid of critical spirit, sycophantic and deferential before people who count; at night he dreams that he is a family friend of the Rothschilds, or he is “at home” at Goldman Sachs.

The ass-kisser is a brown noser who lives on the back of working people without even realizing it. He is fascinated by belonging to secret lodges in which, being not at all “illuminated,” he feeds the ranks of the “useful idiots.”

The ass kisser aspires to the “esteem and consideration” of the powerful, to appearances on television, to invitations to exclusive parties. And to reach these objectives, he spends the money of the public, money he can use with the guarantee of impunity.

Italy or petty Italy? It is no longer the age when we armed ourselves to chase out the invader. These last decades seem to have produced a political class lined up in favour of occult forces, that want a country of servile institutions, ready to harm their own people to not displease the foreigner of the period.

The reference models

In Italy, an ignorant and gaudy tendency has affirmed itself, that allows some people to emerge no longer thanks to sacrifice and merit, but because they belong to an “elite” of personages who have never created anything, whose only particularity is facade and success.

This line-up of persons “without art and without part” that rages today in our country, and on which the stereotype of the “Italy that counts” has been constructed, has been entrusted with roles of “high prestige” so that they can show off before people.

The big men of our days love to pose for photographers at the helm of their yachts like modern Christopher Columbuses, and Italians have been taught to approach them with tributes of admiration and respect.

Creating these reference models, the world economic power obtains a docile, servile country, without ideals, pursuing the the false myths of celebrity. A country of idiots, an indispensable condition so they can carry away the wealth following their own plans and without meeting any resistance.

The career of the Ass-kisser

University Professor, researcher, writer, magistrate, opinion writer, manager, lobbyist, philosopher, real estate agent, businessman, VIP, statesmen… this is what the idiot dreams of becoming to reach the height of elegance. He lives like this, bought with an assortment of gratifications, among which he easily finds a satisfying position, an essential factor in order to use him for one’s own projects.

In this petty Italy, the cunning people of the world “valorise” and bring out the most suitable elements, they open the doors of their homes for them, they establish bonds of friendship, so they will help them to steal the money of their own people in exchange for “esteem and consideration.”

So, today Italy has been reduced to show of parrots; they hold positions of “high prestige,” they take on “heavy responsibilities,” they are “well-balanced and sensible,” they avoid “extremist attitudes that do no good to anyone,” they show “respect for the institutions,” for “ the sense of the State,” “faith in the work of the magistrates,” “sense of responsibility“ realism” …

Ass-kissers at work: Associations, Foundations, Lobbyists…

The tobacco multinationals have taken the place of the old political currents and, funding a galaxy of foundations and associations, they are conditioning the agenda of Italian politics. The Christian Democratic bureaucrat, the ex-partisan, the scientist all come out onto the field to defend the minimum price of cigarettes, without even knowing what is involved and offering us a cross-section of the penetration of the multinational tobacco makers in Italian society.

Carlo Rienzi – CODACONS

Carlo Rienzi – CODACONS

Consumer associations, sponsored by the multinationals or by organizations funded by them, declaim slogans with “the health of our children…” always in first place … without ever opening their mouths about the pack of 10 cigarettes.

According to the European Union, “The minimum price safeguards the profits of the manufacturers to the detriment of the revenues of the State.” But the CODACONS, Coordination of Associations for the Defense of the Environment and of Consumers (Coordinamento delle Associazioni per la Difesa dell’Ambiente e dei Consumatori) seems to prefer safeguarding the profits of Philip Morris. In fact, the CODACONS is lined up with Big Tobacco, against the European Union and Yesmoke S.p.A in their appeal against the minimum price of cigarettes. “… with a view to an ever greater protection of the health of consumers in general and of underage consumers in particular…” said the president, Professor Carlo Rienzi.

For the Italian Parents’ Movement (Movimento italiano Genitori – MOIGE), that conducts campaigns of pseudo-prevention thanks to the money of Philip Morris and of the Italian Tobacconists Federation (Federazione Italiana Tabaccai) also sustained by Philip Morris, “The fact that the European Union wants to abolish the minimum price of cigarettes is disturbing.”

According to the REF – Ricerche Economia Finanza (Research, Economy, Finance) – the sponsor comes before everything else. Here is the presentation of its publication on the tobacco market in Italy: “The Tobacco Observatory is an initiative supported by British American Tobacco Italia with the purpose of promoting a picture of widespread and transparent knowledge on the issue of tobaccos.” A presentation that is all a programme…. The trouble is that the AAMS (Agenzia Autonoma Monopoli di Stato, that regulates the market) picks up this ”Widespread and transparent knowledge” and takes it to the minister of the day who says: “Good boys, keep it up”

Renzo Patria

Renzo Patria

Who is the biggest Mafioso? The person who kisses Toto Riina* on the cheek, or the person who works so that Philip Morris, the greatest thief in Italian history, can continue to take home billions of euro that belong to the Italians?

The Member of Parliament, Onorevole Renzo Patria, of Forza Italia, an old Christian Democrat bureaucrat, is known as the number one lobbyist of Philip Morris in Italy…a very prestigious position indeed!
After the «Assotabacco», so-called «Associazione Nazionale Imprese Europee Produttrici di Sigarette» (National Association of European Businesses Manufacturers of Cigarettes), with which Mr. Patria managed to slip into the Confindustria, the latest trick of Onorevole Patria was the «Filtabacco», that pretends to be the “spokesman of the opinion of subjects involved in the tobacco production chain in Italy.” With «Filtabacco», Mr. Patria made it to Brussels, where he managed to represent even Yesmoke, in whose name he asked for a “minimum price of 5 euro in all of Europe.”

Today in Italy there is nothing better than the credibility of the person who, one day, yes and the next, no, fills his mouth talking about the Italian Resistenza and the Constitution. With a fine article of praise for the minimum price, published in the newspaper Repubblica of February 23rd 2009, even Mario Pirani, glorious ex-partisan, felt the need to make his little contribution in favour of the cause of foreign cigarette manufacturers, obviously ”in the defense of public health.”

Mario Pirani

Mario Pirani

When Big Tobacco is involved, even eminent professors forget how to add and subtract. In 2008, Professor Silvio Garattini, one of the most renowned scientists of Italy, made this proposal: “One euro more per pack: more expensive cigarettes to fund research.” But here is what the professor declared a year later: “Six percent of smokers would quit if the minimum price rose to 5 euro.”

Perhaps Mr. Garattini is not familiar with additions and subtractions, because there is a very important difference between adding one euro to the pack and increasing the minimum price. In the first case the money goes to the State; in the second, it goes to the manufacturers.

…Has the professor, perhaps, made other arrangements for research?

* Toto Riina is considered the boss of the Cosa Nostra

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