Mario Pirani – The “Resistenza” of Philip Morris

With a fine article in praise of the Minimum Price, published in the newspaper “la Repubblica” of 23 February, Mario Pirani made his little contribution to the cause of foreign cigarette manufacturers, “in defense of the public health.”

How can he? A partisan fighter when he was young, how can he lower himself to butter up the Italians with articles that make the happiness of Philip Morris, the top tax evader of Italy?

It is true that today there is nothing better than the credibility of one who, one day yes and one day no, fills his mouth  talking about the “Resistenza” and the “Costituzione.”

But what do partisans have to do with thieves?

Lobbyism «Politically Correct»

The time has passed when we armed ourselves to chase out the invader. Mario Pirani helps us understand how subtle and pernicious Big Tobacco’s penetration is in Italian society.

These past decades have produced a political class lined up in favor of occult forces, that work toward a country  of servile institutions, ready to subject to injustice its own people to satisfy the demands of the foreigner of the day.

Perhaps only in our country can billions of euro belonging to the people disappear knowing that absolutely nothing will happen. This is the case of 98 billion in tax money involving slot machines, it is the case of Philip Morris’s evasion of 60 billion in taxes, as well as the 2 billion euro given away to Big Tobacco every year with the Minimum Price.

Pirani is a man of the political left, a reformist, in 1944 he was a member of the Communist Resistance, a veteran of a thousand battles. And he has always written for the newspaper La Repubblica, a house organ of the P.D. (Democratic Party), the party of the Italian “Left,” that is, of the opposition.

But if today there is no opposition that contributes to regulate the life of the country, if  thieves find the road prepared for them, we owe it also to the articles of men like Mario Pirani.

The Article

Reading is article, we discover that Pirani’s ideas coincide perfectly with those of the AAMS and of Philip Morris.

“Tremonti, why don’t you raise the price of cigarettes?” This title gives us hope.  In fact, Yesmoke’s efforts are aimed at eliminating the Minimum Price and replacing it with higher taxes on all cigarettes.

The Minimum Price lets the manufacturers earn more; taxes let the State earn. Yesmoke has said it, the European Union has said it: “the Minimum Price safeguards the interests of the manufacturers and their profit margins.”

Brussels has even initiated violation procedures against Italy to oblige the country to eliminate this perverse system.

But then, the first lines of Pirani’s article immediately clarify his ideas: “It is my experience that when the TAR expresses itself, the consequences are pernicious.”

Pirani with the impetus of a partisan ambush against an SS patrol, attacks the decision of the TAR of Lazio, that agreed with Yesmoke and suspended the Minimum Price, allowing the Italian company to sell its cigarettes at 3.40 euro a pack.

The ex freedom-fighter, instead of exhorting Tremonti to raise cigarette prices, is urging him to increase the Minimum Price, “to protect the health of the Italians;” that is exactly what the allies of the AAMS and the foreign tobacco manufacturers  are saying.

And he leaves us even more puzzled with his conclusion, when the brave patriot, hopes for a “single price” for cigarettes at 5 euro a pack, like what they have already done in France. But this is all ludicrously false!

Pirani interprets the desires of Big Tobacco to the letter. Philip Morris has never said it wants to uniform the price of cigarettes to a “single price” anchored to the price of Marlboros, because that would be a joke; but Pirani is pushing it as something normal.

Was it really Mario Pirani who wrote the article?

If you want to check out these pitiful examples of Lobbyism Italian style, here is the link:

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