New Machinery at Yesmoke

While the servants are trying to close it, Yesmoke, occupied by its workers, is growing larger and hiring more people. Starting from today our two new Decouflé DWR recycling machines are operating.

By March we expect to have a new G.D 121 complete production line that will make 10 thousand cigarettes a minute; this line will be added to the two lines already operating and it will increase the manufacturing capacity of the Settimo Torinese plant by 50%.

By the end of the year, with the arrival of a fourth G.D 121 line, Yesmoke’s production capacity will be doubled compared to today. At the beginning of January we will be hiring 24 new workers, and 30 more will start work in March with the arrival of the third G.D. line. This will take the total number of employees in the factory to over 110 units. The number will increase even more at the end of the year when the fourth production line arrives.

Inexorable Growth

In 2008 Yesmoke decided to give up on its 58 promoters who were visiting tobacco shops. Promoters are indispensable to introduce new product brands, but their usefulness in this case was proving very limited in a market where the cigarettes of the multinational giants were protected first by Italy’s “minimum price” and then by the “minimum tax,” still in effect today.

With the up-coming and inevitable liberalization of the Italian market, Yesmoke, the company that makes the so called “cigarette for smugglers” will launch its sales network again.

As soon as it has forced these Italian career servants to apply the sentence of the European Court of Justice, which decreed the liberalization of the market, Yesmoke will immediately employ a further 100 or more persons to be its promoters, and it will send them out into the field in a network comparable to that of Big Tobacco.

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