Philip Morris and BAT: Animal Torturers

There are those who torture people, and there are those who are Animal Torturers. And few people protest.

The consumer who makes his offering when he buys a product of the world’s two big tobacco makers, Philip Morris and British American Tobacco, probably is not aware that the “efficacy” of the additives he is inhaling with the cigarette smoke, by direct admission of these companies, has been tested on live animals, animals which soon after died or had to be put down.

Philip Morris and BAT admit it officially. We need only take a look at their websites to find it all in black and white: the first performs tests on animal in its laboratories, trying to “reduce pain and suffering to a minimum,” while the second explains that their company does not do the dirty work, but contracts it out to specialized companies.

Criminal Businesses

Every day thousands of dogs, cats, pigs, lambs, chickens, monkeys, rats and hamsters are tortured with devices and masks, immobilized in restraints or locked up in container-coffins for horrible and useless experiments.

Holes are cut in the throats of Beagle dogs through which they are forced to inhale concentrated cigarette smoke until their premature death. Monkeys are administered high doses of nicotine and additives, which are inhaled, ingested or smeared on the skin. Pregnant animals are imprisoned in tight cages to study the effects of nicotine on the fetus.

Rodents forced to breathe concentrated smoke, confined in their container-coffins. BAT has admitted that mice, rats and hamsters are used in its research

Rodents forced to breathe concentrated smoke, confined in their container-coffins. BAT has admitted that mice, rats and hamsters are used in its research

Testing on animals is banned in Britain but not in the United States and the European Union. The major center for testing on animals at the service of Big Tobacco animal torturers is Covance, located in the U.S. in the state of Virginia. The site provides extensive documentation on the horrors performed there on animals.

The results of these studies are always aimed at the scaling down and denial of the seriousness of illnesses tied to cigarette consumption. All this is done by denying what the scientific community has known for a long time through epidemiological studies, which do not use animals. But the real purpose is to study the possible side effects of new chemical additives that are intended to make the cigarette more “good.”

The Confessions

The British American Tobacco limits itself, it says, to the torture of mice, rats and hamsters, stressing that this is not “routine”:

“We prefer not to test our products on animals, and currently we do not do so routinely … when there is no valid alternative, tests on animals involving laboratory rodents may be necessary at times … none of our laboratories have the equipment to work with live animals, therefore the tests on animals are entrusted to external research organizations.”

Read more – From the site

Here’s what Philip Morris declares:

“We limit our studies on animals to occasions when there are no viable alternatives … we will continue to seek ways to use alternatives to animal testing when possible … if we could do research without resorting to studies on animals, we would do so, at present, we are not able to … we use the minimum number of animals needed to obtain valid results … we use the least invasive procedures to minimize pain and suffering.”

Read more – From the site

The Incriminated Products

Yesmoke walls in Settimo Torinese

Yesmoke walls in Settimo Torinese

If you smoke, it is likely that your cigarette is one of these:

Philip Morris: Marlboro, L&M, Bond Street, Philip Morris, Chesterfield, Fortune, Parliament, Sampoerna A, Lark, Morven Gold, Dji Sam Soe, Next, Optima, Red & White, Muratti, Diana, Merit, Sampoerna Hijau, Champion, Virginia Slims, Apollo-Soyuz, Hope, Delicados, Benson & Hedges, Longbeach.

British American Tobacco: Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, MS, Vogue, Dunhill, Alfa, Bis, Brera, Colombo, Cortina, Esportazione, Eura, HB, Kent, Lido, MS Club, Mundial, Nazionale, Nazional, N80, Rothmans, SAX, Musical, St.Moritz, Stop, Super.

Yesmoke’s “Cruelty-free” Laboratory

A smoking machine in Yesmoke's laboratory in Settimo Torinese

A smoking machine in Yesmoke’s laboratory in Settimo Torinese

At Yesmoke substances are not tested on living beings. Cigarettes are smoked by smoking machines according to international standards, to measure the presence and the levels of the substances most harmful to the health, of a large number of cigarette brands. Yesmoke’s research is aimed at reducing the levels of the harmful substances that are naturally present in tobacco by studying different treatments and working processes.

Yesmoke is not interested in denying or downplaying the damage to health caused by cigarettes, nor would it ever consider questionable research using living animals. On the contrary, the company provides “counter information” on the issue as one of its corporate strong points, publishing on its website extensive documentation on the damage caused by cigarette smoking and passive smoke inhalation, with texts, pictures and video.

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