Cigarette Smuggling? Yesmoke sues

Yesmoke has brought legal action against high State officials who have said that the cigarettes manufactured in Yesmoke’s Settimo Torinese plant, that are sold all over the world, are destined to the contraband market.

This hearsay on alleged illegal activities of Yesmoke could be a clever excuse to try to justify the fierce attacks on the cigarette producer and the repeated attempts to block its production.

These rumors, especially when fueled by State officials of the tobacco sector, can create serious damage for the company, also because of the negative image that it can present to customers. Onorevole Barbato of the IDV party in the Chamber of Deputies, was criticized by politicians and journalists because he reminded the Chamber that there is a sentence of the European Court of Justice, which Italy is not respecting; this ruling supports Yesmoke’s position, and Barbato took up the defense of a company “involved in contraband activities.”

Some people think it isn’t possible for Yesmoke to sell “so much,” therefore, the company must be smuggling. For others, since in the past, Yesmoke was an online tobacco shop that sold Marlboros in the United States (in conflict with Philip Morris), they think it is likely that today they are smugglers.

An easy way to get rid of this “anomaly,” an Italian company showing strong growth in the tobacco sector, could be to involve it in some farcical investigation and smuggling charges, facilitated by the tendency to consider Yesmoke “the cigarette of smugglers.” To prove that this is not the case, the precautions that the Settimo Torinese Company takes are much greater than those of any other cigarette producer.

The parallel market is full of containers of Marlboros; there are no Yesmokes. Today anyone who wants to market cigarettes on the black market would find as many Philip Morris products as he could wish for. Philip Morris has been convicted of smuggling, Yesmoke was fully acquitted. Yet today, Philip Morris still enjoys great privileges in Italy; at the same time, there are those who are doing all they can to shut down Yesmoke, the only Italian cigarette company.

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