Yesmoke Gold 0.3 – Less Nicotine, Tar and Ammonia

The production of Yesmoke's new cigarette has begun. The “Gold 0.3s” will be in the tobacco shops in a week, brand new and fresh.

Like the “Red 0.8s” and the “Silver 0.6s,” the “Gold 0.3s.” totally without chemical cocktails, have the lowest ammonia content of all the “American blend” cigarettes on the Italian market.

No ammonia is added to Yesmokes, and the tobacco is toasted at a temperature of 132° at a humidity of 6%, for over 10 minutes. This special process, that has no effect the taste characteristics of the product, eliminates the ammonia naturally present in tobaccos.

See: The ammonia reduction in Yesmokes

Yesmoke’s Tobaccos

Oriental and Burley tobacco of the Yesmoke Gold 0.3, at the start of the processing

Oriental and Burley tobacco of the Yesmoke Gold 0.3, at the start of the processing

Yesmoke “Gold 0.3” is an “American blend” cigarette, made up of a mixture of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos; they come from seven different countries and are all strictly of the highest quality. A good recipe requires the use of a large variety of tobaccos, in order to keep stable the characteristics of the final mix. In fact, a tobacco’s taste and its nicotine level can vary from one harvest to the next.

A mix made up of a large number of tobaccos coming from different countries tends to neutralize the effects of these variations. Yesmoke’s “Gold” cigarettes are produced with tobaccos coming from: Malawi, Brazil, Italy, the U.S.A., Argentina, Turkey and Zimbabwe.


Considering the problems stirred up by the AAMS, we have been obliged to put off our campaign of information on ammonia addition to cigarettes, to not risk the seizure of our goods.

Yesmoke 0.3 Gold cigarette packSo, the information insert inside the pack will be added at a later date.

The toll-free number for “Counter information” will be started up at the same time as the release of the new pack of Yesmoke “Gold 0.3.”

Our toll-free number will basically illustrate two things:

  1. How Big Tobacco is screwing you out of your money
  2. How Big Tobacco is screwing up your health

December 1st 2009: Start-up of the production of Yesmoke Gold 0.3s – Photo Gallery

  • B H

    How do I make an order for Australia? Two or three cartons per month? Also, what roughly will they cost?.

    Thanks Guys.


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