American Blend

American blend, the most popular of the blended cigarettes, is made with a mixture of Flue-Cured (Virginia), Burley, and Oriental Tobacco.

Most of the popular premium brands are American blend cigarettes: Marlboro, Winston, L&M, Kent, etc., and then, of course, Yesmokes.

The specific percentage of each type varies from brand to brand but, generally, flue-cured is around 30 percent, burley is around 20-25 percent of the blend while oriental is the smallest percentage of the blend at around 12 percent.

The brand mixture can vary according to the customers’ taste, which is different in almost any country. Unlike the most popular premium brands Yesmoke cigarettes have always the same mixture.

One of the determining features of the American blend is the inclusion of reconstituted tobacco and expanded stems.

These increase filling value, reduces tar and nicotine delivery, improve the balanced burning rate, maintains the overall flavor (taste, smell and feel), and are important to get the desired balance of the blend.

In American blend cigarettes, each of the three tobaccos it contains has a determining role:

Role of Burley

The role of burley is dependent on the processing of such through an adeguate casing and toasting operation. This operation is crucial in developing any American blend cigarette of international standard.

Role of Oriental

The role of oriental is to provide slight aroma with a smooth taste.

Role of Flue-Cured

It is the main contributor to the sought-after flavor. The role of flue-cured is largely dependent of the combinations of the selected Full Flavor, Medium Flavor and Filler grades.

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