Tobacco Casing

Casing refers to the sauce composed of a variety of ingredients applied to tobacco before being cut into thin strands called cut rag.

In general, the benefits of the casing in modern cigarettes are:

  1. Mask or ameliorate any off-taste associated with tobacco smoke
  2. Correct any negative flavor notes associated with tobacco smoke
  3. Provide unique taste and characteristics, which make up the “signature” that is preferred by the target customers.

The main ingredients in the Yesmoke casing solution consist of sugar, cocoa, licorice, fruit concentrates and humectants (glycerin) dissolved in the proper amount of water.

Today additives enable cigarette producers to use cheaper tobaccos in their cigarettes. But the casing does not play a determining role in Yesmokes.

Aditives % Description
Sugars 30 Sugars, reducing sugars such as glucose and fructose as well as corn syrup and honey, contribute to improving the overall smoke flavor
Licorice 10 Contributes to the basic taste
Cocoa 10 Contributes to the basic taste
Fruit extract 10 Contributes to the basic taste
Humectants (Glycerine) 10 Humectants improve the tobacco processing ability and increase its moisture-holding capacity, thus extending the product’s shelf lif
Water 30

“Philip Morris people often state in public that additives are important to them with regard to controlling smoke chemistry and taste. Indeed, their leaf people have been known to say that the additives are one reason that they can buy some cheaper tobaccos. Casings are an obvious choice of a vehicle for use of such additives.”

British American Tobacco, February 1985, The Unique Differences Of Philip Morris Cigarette Brands

“Yesmoke” is a modern cigarette, with excellent smoking qualities because it is produced with the latest technology. But at the same time, “Yesmoke” is a traditional cigarette, because it concentrates on the basic quality of the ingredients, using only tobaccos in the high price bracket.

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