Recon Tobacco

The Reconstituted tobacco process was developed more than 50 years ago for economic reason as a way to salvage these byproducts or part thereof by transforming them into a tobacco sheet that is more adaptable to blending, processing and cigarette making.

Because of its added value and other positive contributions, Recon now plays an important role in processing quality products.

Since it was originated bout 50 years ago, there have been several important developments in the Reconstituted tobacco processes.

Major Benefits

The use of Recon sheet, expecially the one made by paper technology, has been growing because of its many positive contributios to product development, as related to:

  1. Physical properties: increases filling value and improves processing ability
  2. Smoke chemistry: reduces tar and nicotine deliveries
  3. Smoking qualities: maintains the overall flavor (taste, smell and feel)

Recon Processes

Today the slurry and the paper-making are the two major processes, but the paper-making has been more in demand because of its better contributions to the physical properties, sensory qualities and smoke chemistry of a good cigarette, particularly ABC.

Advances in tobacco technology have produced a new generation Recon made by the paper-making process. Recon is now considered an integral part of any quality american blended cigarette.

Greater efforts are now directed toward producing Recon sheets that is close to the natural tobacco and has the ideal smoking qualities.

Because of recent advances in industrial engineering and product development, the new paper-making process now enables manufacturers to develop a wide range of tailor-made Recon products.

Each made for specific product in terms of physical, chemical and sensory properties, that can fit different cigarette types and cigars.

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