Yesmoke has an advantage: its existence and its market strategies are not aimed at company profit, but rather at enjoyment … And, if tomorrow, 50% of the world’s smokers decided to give up the habit, Yesmoke would be very happy.

Yesmoke in not merely a competitor of Big Tobacco. It is a battleship ready to direct all its resources to financially damage the big cigarette producers’ cartel, and thus to benefit the smoking public. The final objective is to extirpate the blight of Big Tobacco from society.

Italy: Let’s take their market share away from the tobacco multinationals

Yesmoke wants to bring the manufacture of cigarettes back to Italy, after faint-hearted and servile politicians, some years ago, foolishly sold off the entire Italian market to the multinationals of tobacco.

Until a few years ago 95% of the cigarettes sold here were manufactured in Italy. The Italian Tobacco Board (Ente Tabacchi italiano) at that time, proprietor of all the Italian brands, even manufactured Marlboros for Philip Morris.

Today 99% of the cigarettes, a sector worth over 14 billion a year of tax revenue, are the property of a cartel of foreign companies, including the only distribution company. Italian workers were fired, factories were closed and all the production was transferred abroad.

Yesmoke’s System in Italy: the “Political Price”

The political price «Prezzo politico» applied to a product of superior quality and sold at cost price, proposes to deliver a financial blow of 2 billion euro a year to the cartel of cigarette producers, and this, all to the advantage the coffers of the Italian State.

A manufacturer who sells cigarettes at a political price is not encouraging people to smoke more; rather he is creating the basis for the State to increase its taxes on tobacco products and boost its fiscal revenues, and at the same time he is obliging other producers, to keep their prices competitive, to give up some of their profits.

Philip Morris amasses funds like a tax collector and benefiting from this, there is an army of parasites, occult supporters of every species and every political color. Today when we buy a pack of Marlboros, our money is going to a very rich private company, and we have no possibility to oppose its extra-market profits.

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