Murals on Our Walls

The spirit of the factory watches over each single Yesmoke cigarette that will benefit from a positive influence…

Yesmoke walls in Settimo Torinese talk and say by means of texts and images what newspapers in Italy and European Union have always censored.

On the American side of the ocean the cigarette manufacturing cartel is often featured on the front pages of newspapers with its past and present crimes.

But in the European Union, where Big Tobacco took money away from community, people seem to be more concerned about safeguarding the honor of these “prestigious” companies.

“Ammonia key to Marlboro’s success.”

Yesmoke walls aren’t provocations of the black block. They recount crimes and consumer protection, and quote headlines from some of the most respectable United States newspapers, like USA Today, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

The project was realized by an association in Turin “Il Cerchio e le gocce” in collaboration with “Truly-Design” in summer 2007. It will be expanded and completed in 2008.

Photos of the Paintings on the Walls

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