The Italian Cigarette Factory Project

A team of specialists was set up to develop the factory project.

It was made up of Italian architects and engineers, who worked side by side with specialists coming from Italian and English companies that manufacture cigarette production machinery, the same equipment used by Big Tobacco.

So, the supplier companies have taken an active part in the planning and construction of the factory.

Yesmoke’s plant is not a “top secret” site, like those of the traditional cigarette giants. It is the pride and joy of the constructors of machines for tobacco processing and treatment, the production of filters and cigarettes and packaging.

The construction work on the Yesmoke factory started in January 2006 and it was completed at the end of March 2007. After the required tests and inspections, it was inaugurated on August 7th, 2007.

The actual mass production started on 18 September, when the “Gazzetta Ufficiale” of the Italian Republic (the official journal for the dissemination of legislative texts and public acts) formalized the grant of the cigarette production license to Yesmoke.

Photos of the Factory Under Construction

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