Moving to Turin in Italy

In the summer of 2005, the “smugglers” and perhaps, also the “Mafia”, in spite of the intimidations of the Italian authorities, began moving to Italy, to Turin, where they are building a factory with a production capacity of 50 million cartons per year (10 billion cigarettes).

The opening of this new plant in Italy, in the European Community, was decided for reasons of a fiscal nature, determined by the destination markets of the goods.

Yesmoke cigarettes, in fact, it will be available in shops of the European Community. So, production in Europe was an obligated decision.

“How in the world can you hope to produce cigarettes in a country like this?” the skeptics immediately asked. Italy, in fact, is the “free hunting preserve” of Philip Morris.

Philip Morris has freewheeled in Italy for over 30 years: it swept over the country with contraband and it has a bill to pay of billions of dollars in tax evasion. What’s strange is that we never hear anything about it.

But Yesmoke is used to speaking out, because we believe there is nothing more constructive than truthful and open conflict. And we expect this is about to begin very soon; in fact, Italy is the ideal country for it.

The Turin factory will be a copy of the plant of a multinational, with the same machinery used by Big Tobacco, in all the production phases.

It will be autonomous in all its tobacco treatment processes and in the production of filters, and it will even have its own in–house printing plant.

It will be the only cigarette factory present today on the Italian territory. But different from the factories of multinational producers that are rigorously top-secret, Yesmoke’s factory will have its doors open for guided visits.

Italy is a country where the power of the tobacco multinationals is absolute and undisturbed. We are all anxious to see what’s going to happen!

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