The Technology Behind the Online Cigarettes Store

Yesmoke built up a logistics system that was totally automated.

The “Duty-free zone” of Swiss customs at Balerna (Switzerland)

This is the customs area. Here the goods, stored or in transit, have not yet been taxed. The “Free Zone” is like the international duty-free areas in airports.

Logistics system in Switzerland

Yesmoke built up a logistics system that was totally automated: machines opened the cartons of cigarettes, repackaged them, closed them and sealed the ends; then it wrapped the packages in cellophane. This was all done by custom-made machinery.

A conveyor belt ended the process transporting the packages to the floor below, where there was a special sorting centre of the Swiss Post Office; from here, the packages were shipped off without delay.

The logistics area was a pride of Yesmoke; it continued to grow and reached the point where it made its own padded mailbags, labels and boxes. It was environment-friendly, as it left no waste materials: it recycled everything including the tons of paper and cardboard of the original cigarette packaging that had been opened and repackaged for shipment.

The warehouse with millions of cartons of cigarettes

Yesmoke’s warehouse, located in the “duty-free zone” inside the Swiss customs area of Balerna: from the initial 25,000 cartons, the quantities handled grew to millions of cartons, taking up a good part of the customs area.

The Swiss cigarette factory

In 2004, while it was selling Marlboros to its American customers, Yesmoke built a factory in Switzerland that had a production capacity of 25 million 200 cigarette cartons per year.

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