Italian State vs Yesmoke

The Italian State, which, with its organs and institutions supports the tobacco multinationals, is the greatest obstacle to the development of an Italian company in the tobacco sector. The State today has no problems to decide to shutdown an Italian company and cause the loss of jobs of its employees, all to protect the financial interests of foreign companies.

Italy or petty Italy? It is no longer the age when we armed ourselves to chase out the invader. These last decades seem to have produced a political class lined up in favour of occult forces, that want a country of servile institutions, ready to harm their own people to not displease the foreigner of the period.

Premise: Privatisation Chaos

Until a few years ago, 95% of the cigarettes sold on the Italian market were produced in Italy. Today, in 2010, 99% of the cigarettes sold in Italy, a sector worth 14 billion euro a year in tax revenue, is the property of a cartel of foreign companies, and they have moved almost all the production to other countries. These companies divide up a profit of 2 billion 400 million euro every year, happily eluding Italian taxes. Completing this incredible scenario, there is the Spanish firm Logista, that has the monopoly of the cigarette distribution.

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Minimum Price of Cigarettes

The “Minimum Price” was introduced in Italy, France, Ireland and Austria in 2005; it was abolished by the European Court of Justice with its sentences of 4 March 2010, against France, Ireland and Austria, and of 24June 2010 against Italy. But in the “Belpaese,” the effects of the minimum price were extended thanks to Leg. Decree – DL 94, passed on the 23rd of June 2010, which set up the so-called «Tassa minima» (Minimum Tax) and which enabled Italy to circumvent the European judgment. The “minimum tax” was in turn revoked by the Regional Administrative Court—the TAR–of Lazio on April 5th 2012. This date marks the final liberalization of the Italian market.

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